Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea

07 Nov

 During the night, many people are asleep and they hope to wake up the next day feeling well rest for another day.   Even so, some conditions like sleep apnea can make it rather difficult.  For the affected people who share a bed or a room with someone else, snoring will be a major problem.   The snoring gets blown out of proportion instead of the real problem being addressed.  The main reason behind the sleep apnea is the airway obstruction and this is not something to joke about.  If you have been struggling with sleep apnea there is no need to despair because there is a way you can deal with that.  Anyone who has Sleep Apnea should give CPAP therapy a try.   Nonetheless, it is not something many people are excited about given the mask which has to be donned during sleep time.  As much as it might not be appealing, you still need to adhere to the use of the CPAP therapy when you haven't identified another therapy to use. You should also understand that not everyone who snores has sleep apnea.  It is a serious condition that requires sleep test.  Also, going to a doctor allows you to explore your options in matters to do with treatment.

 Individuals suffering from Sleep Test will also find wearing an oral appliance when going to sleep very helpful.  Even if this is not a cup of tea for every person, it gets better over time.   With the dental device in sleep apnea treatment on, the airway won't collapse the moment you fall asleep.  You will experience improvement on using the oral device because it holds the tongue to avoid airway obstruction and it also ensures your jaw is forward allowing you to breathe easily during your sleep. The device is usually made to fit your mouth.   In case you are suffering from mild sleep apnea or moderate, this is something that will serve you well.

Even if a lot of people will think twice before choosing surgery, it is also a great option in the management of sleep apnea.  The surgeon will remove the extra tissue in your throat or reduce it so that it does not collapse blocking the airway once you fall asleep.  This kind of surgery is minimally invasive but depending on your situation it can be complex.   The people who advised to consider surgery in the treatment for sleep apnea are those who are getting obstructions because of the upper/lower jaw, tongue, tonsils, adenoids, soft palate or even the uvula.   The reason you are suffering from sleep apnea might be because of obesity and if you lose weight you will solve the issue.

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